Motivation Addict FAQ

Who are we? We are a Motivation, Pop and Geek Cultured Canvas design group. Our canvases are designed for the most driven, passionate and motivated among the Pop and Geek culture! Our styles are based around board and videogames, while giving the motivation and driven aspect to our art!

Where are we based? We’re a UK based company! In the heart of the UK in a small town called Warwick. Despite our island Nation origins, we are global! We ship to every corner of the globe.

What is our Mission? Our Mission is to help people feel their passions, fuel their drive and be motivated in whatever they’re doing! Whether it be starting a business to planning out your career goals to even winning a game of chess. Whatever the spectrum, we are here to build your drive and become a Motivation Addict!

Who are your products designed for? Don’t be fooled! Our products are for more than just an entrepreneur or inventor. Our products are for everyone! Anyone who enjoys motivational poster, whilst also enjoying Geek and Pop culture styles. Our products can tend towards our Gamer friends, from Video games to board games. We want to be quite unique, and so do you!

Why do you only have a small range? We only focus on a few designs at a time! We believe in quality over quantity. Our passion and love for our products is focused entirely on a small number of products at a time! But don’t worry, we’re adding more products soon!

How long will it take to get my product? Our delivery times vary from country to country and we recommend that you visit our Shipping policy to see your exact times. However, we aim for as quick as possible delivery. So, our average shipping time is 10 days, for quite a delicate and large product such as our canvases. Our production time takes between 3-6 days. Overall time usually will take 2 weeks, which is industry leading. We are quicker than most our competitors, whilst not compromising quality!